Bhajan – Namostute Durga

by Tanja Gassner

Description of work

Namostute Durga Divya Amma Divya Jagadishvari
Namostute Mata Divya Namostute Mata Divya
Mata Jalao Hrudayantaya Avila Komala Mata
Namostute Mata Divy Namostute Mata Divya

“We salute and worship (Namostute) You, divine (Divya) Durga. Heavenly Mother (Amma), You are the Mistress of the Universe (Jagadishvari)! Mother (Mata), ignite (Jalao) our hearts (Hrudayantaya) and be welcome in it! You are so gentle (Avila) and loving (Komala)!”

Bhajans are religious folk songs of Hinduism. In bhajan singing there is the principle of “call and answer”. A lead singer sings and the group sings after. Bhajans are an expression of loving devotion to God expressed in simple words. Bhajans are chanted alone or in a group and are like mantras to promote awareness, relax or meditatively recognize your true being. The texts of the bhajans come from the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of Hinduism.

A work by

Tanja Gassner

More than 20 years ago she met her spiritual teacher Sri Kaleshwar from India for the first time, who was giving a lecture in Germany at the time. From then on, she attended some of his seminars in Germany and Switzerland and got to know Bhajan singing. The songs immediately touched her heart. And although she didn't understand the words, she noticed that the sounds carry a great power.

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