A world in which the power of the heart can develop fully, and we contribute to it joyfully and in a creative way.

Wald und Himmel
Heart source

Creating heart connections together

All contributions are available free of charge. Artists are named and listed with their contact details. In this way, it will also be possible to make individual contact – for personal discussions or if someone is interested in buying an arts contribution.

In addition, Pachamama Fine Arts Studio would like to regularly create a platform to present selected projects and works: in an online (zoom) meeting I will conduct interviews with the artists / creators to find out more about their motivation and considerations, their development and creation processes. Furthermore, stories will be told, poems recited and there will be musical interludes, live meditations and much more.

Pachamama Fine Arts Studio is a platform, where we show our creative expressions: I invite you to use this space as an opportunity, to share your works and projects with others, to be inspired and to exchange ideas – or just to enjoy.

Let yourself be surprised!

Would you like to be part of Pachamama Fine Arts Studio and help shape it?

Then I cordially invite YOU to contact me or to submit your work directly.