Pachamama’s Fine Arts Studio shall provide an impetus that supports us in connecting our heart power more and more with Mother Earth to strengthen our live force and energies.

Schamanische Traumfänger
Priya Ender

Priya Maria Ender

I was born in Bombay (India), grew up in Vorarlberg (Austria) and during my studies and through my professional activities I was always blessed to get to know and discover people, countries and the world. Through my history, my personal experiences and my interests, I finally found my way to energy work.

I accompany people to find clarity through their heart power so that they can shape their private and business lives powerfully and with joy.

I strengthen my own heart connection to Pachamama through e.g. mindfulness exercises, Kaleshwar Yoga and shamanic teachings – especially rituals in nature. I love all kinds of artistic expression such as painting, storytelling, music etc. that stem out of love for Pachamama. Creative works inspire me and support me to follow my own heart’s path.