Sounds of the heart

Bhajans are songs, chants, praises of the different aspects of the divine. They create a vibration that connects the soul and heart of each one of us to the rhythm of nature. The musical compositions are written in Sanskrit, the language of the gods. They follow inner laws that have been observed in Indian tradition for thousands of years.

„A few years ago I started playing the guitar and especially singing mantras and bhajans. The sounds create high vibrations, divine transformative energies that uplift our system. By hearing or chanting these sacred sound vibrations, we can open our soul and heart and experience healing. With bhajan singing I would like to contribute to this – for myself and others.“

Tanja Gassner
To Focus Area Hear

„This style is smooth, melodic and so easy that everyone will immediately join in. Anyone can do it. Everyone will be able to. When you are attuned to such gentle music, your thoughts, your actions, your movements, your lifestyle – everything – automatically become gentle.“
Sri Kaleshwar

In the Siberian Altai