Sonia Emilia Rainbow

Is a shamanic naturopathic therapist and speaker. She has been on the shamanic medicine path since 1980 and has worked internationally as a shamanic teacher and healer since 1997. Many shamans from different traditions accompanied her life and her personal development: The Lakota-Ojibways medicine women Henrietta BeaverWoman and TwoStarWoman, Maestra Olivia Arevalo and Maria Arevalo from the Shibipo-Conibo tribe in the Amazon lowlands, Maria el Uevo from Yucatan, Mexico, and Juan Perez, Don Eduardo Calderon and especially the Lakota Sioux elders Singing Bird and Crow Wolf shaped their vocation as shamanic healers. The author is a happy mother of three and grandmother of five.

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Heart Healingby Sonia Emilia Rainbow