Native Heart

by Bernhard Mikuskovics

Description of work

We are children of our mothers and fathers who are in turn children of their mothers and fathers. Through this ancestral chord we are connected with the origin of life and we realize: We are ALL children of Mother Earth and Father Sky“.

Even if our living conditions may have highly changed it is the essential task of our lives to stay in balance and to accept the light and the dark parts of our nature in order to completely resonate with all aspects of being. If we succeed we leave the world of assessment in order to live in accordance with the harmonic vibrations of creation. Then we see and treat all aspects of being with the same attentiveness and find to our native heart.

The Native American flute is a powerful tool with a wonderful sound leading us the way to the silence of our native heart and connecting us with the harmonic vibrations of creation.

A work by

Bernhard Mikuskovics

Multiaward-winning and far-travelled musician Bernhard Mikuskovics, active with his various music projects and ensembles in many genres of the global music landscape, has been learning music since his earliest childhood and acquired his musical knowledge and skills after completing his education in Vienna on extensive educational trips and in collaboration with colleagues and teachers. Bernhard Mikuskovics has received several international awards for his work as a musician, composer and music producer: Native American Style Flute Award (2020), One World Music Award (2020), Global Music Award (2019), Silver Arrow Award (2019, 2018, 2017), Native American Music Award (2017), Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis (2007)

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Native Heartby Bernhard Mikuskovics