Bedtime stories for Pachamama – colouring book

by Priya Ender

Description of work

Knud is a lovable little forest spirit who explores life with all sorts of curiosity together with Lottifee, the forest fairy. They embark on a journey to get to know our world (Mother Earth) and our coexistence with all animals, plants, the sun, the moon as well as the stars and the whole universe.

Knud and Lottifee have an important message to share:
Follow the path of your heart. Connect your head to your heart.
Then we get a more loving, beautiful world, where every day here on Mother Earth is a beautiful new surprise – full of exciting discoveries and gifts.

“Bedtime stories for Mother Earth. By Knud the forest spirit.” is a book series with four books. There is the GREEN, RED, BLUE and YELLOW book – each including an audio CD.

All four books as a set describe life in its fullness. For example, it is about inner issues, mother nature, the creative power, the invisible, about perceiving yourself more consciously, how to connect hear and heart, and much more.

The stories show children and adults new perspectives on life. They are suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 10 years as well as adults.

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Bedtime stories for Pachamama – colouring bookby Priya Ender